Do You Need to be Concerned About Information Security and Privacy?
These are Best Practice Steps to develop a privacy methodology within your organization. If followed, these steps can provide an affirmative defense should your organization receive an inquiry letter.  Is your information secure?

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The most vulnerable and loss of control can come from vendors who by negligence or by criminal behavior can threaten your security and privacy compliance policies.

Privacy software - privacy consulting


PossibleNOW An Internet-based Do Not Contact compliance solution helps companies comply with legislation such as Do Not Call laws, as well as managing consumer privacy data.

Privacy software - privacy consulting


ALLIANCES:  Citadel Information Group
Citadel Information Group, Inc. is an information security consultancy. Its expertise is in securing the critical information assets of middle market businesses, mid-sized government agencies, and the not-for-profit community.

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The Need For Technical and Physical Security In Systems Management
Today, more than ever a company needs to understand their privacy and information security gaps. This paper will bring the issues and answers to your organization.

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Our Value
MRE’s practice helps companies meet today’s consumer privacy compliance and security regulations. Through rigorous audits, we detect any gaps or deficiencies in your operations. We provide a report that identifies areas of weakness or non-compliance, to prevent violations and hefty fines. We protect your business and your customers in the way only an independent auditor can:

  • Rigorous security assessments
  • Identification of operational deficiencies
  • Vulnerability reports
  • Expert compliance recommendations
  • Employee and vendor training

Our audits cover the areas of technical, physical and administrative security of the systems that manage customer data. In addition, we conduct vendor audits to assure that vendors are in compliance with the corporate compliance program.

Privacy software - privacy consulting
"I love what you're doing. There is an enormous need for what you and your partner are now in a position to provide. As the eruption of data continues to engulf every aspect of business and life itself, assuring individual privacy stands at the heart of effective individualized marketing and the protection of our freedom as Americans.."

Stan Rapp, Feb. 04



Privacy software - privacy consulting
The company has developed privacy monitoring software for the purpose of controlling privacy compliance practices. This software is to monitor and restrict access to sensitive personal data.

Privacy software - privacy consulting
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