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The Entry-Level Package

For Nonprofits

✅ Organization planning

✅ Bylaw development

✅ Board building

✅ Applying for 501 (c)

✅ Basic Funding

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Designed for start-ups interested in growth and organization consulting, marketing plan development, campaign planning, analytics, and strategy-building and priority projects.

The Starter Package Includes: 120 minutes per month, work with me personally, performing analytics and strategy planning.

✅ Organizational planning

✅ Marketing and sales consulting

✅ Strategy building

✅ Specific channel marketing strategies

✅ 250 Business Cards and Logo

✅ Business analytics

The Basic Package


Designed for established small businesses interested in primarily seeking and support building a digital marketing campaign including building website traffic, subscribers, and reach.

The Basic Package Includes: 180 minutes per month, a monthly and establishing company benchmarks and goals, dedicated text and immediate response, and an online campaign management center.

✅ Growth marketing plan development

✅ Internal organization and development

✅ Assist with campaign email or digital planning

✅ 2-3 marketing tactics per month

✅ Website evaluation and recommendations

✅ Database development or customer database building

✅ Business analytics and assessment for growth

✅ Monthly Google Analytic reports

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For Nonprofits

✅ Crowdsourcing

✅ Fund Development

✅ Board Development Funding

✅ Website Development

Built-in professional fundraising guidance and plans, we give our customers the ability to execute a targeted fundraising campaign with a multi-day series of communications in a matter of minutes.


The Growth Package

Designed for small-to-medium-sized companies in need of outsourced business planning, business analytics, digital marketing to drive growth. It’s also an ideal package to drive additional top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) and middle-of-the-funnel (MOFU) traffic and improved conversions.

The Growth Package Includes: 300 minutes of time per month, a monthly traffic digital Marketing plan and campaign key performance indicators, and business model canvas planning.

✅ Business Model Planning – Your Business Plan

✅ Marketing planning execution evaluation and optimization

✅ Integrated marketing tactics calendar

✅ Weekly review sessions, working with total team

✅ Weekly activity marketing status reports

✅ Google data studio dashboard setup

✅ Monthly Business Analytics and recommendations

✅ Business Analytics report

✅ Monthly Google Analytics report

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For Nonprofits

✅ Define Organizational goals

✅ Fund Raising Calendar

✅ Financial structure and reporting

✅ Defining team responsibilities

✅ Fund development and calendar

✅ Structure board development

Organizational changes within your organization during your next fundraising campaign? If your nonprofit is looking to grow in size, this could mean you’ll need a different nonprofit development plan than an organization that is looking to improve


Individual Sessions, without a package, is $120/hour for all services located below. The basic McKim Business Consulting services are Business Model Canvas (business plan), Business Analytics, and Digital Marketing planning. Nonprofit Guidance and Development for sustainability.

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Nonprofit Expertise

As a nonprofit Executive Director for a national low- medium housing organization to Chairman of the board for Antioch University and Meals on Wheels to consulting for a wide range of 50 nonprofits as large as $20 million to $10,000 annual revenues and with a Master’s of Nonprofit Management you have all this experience waiting for you.

As you conduct daily operations at your nonprofit, you will find that getting your nonprofit’s development strategy right is one of the most important pieces of the nonprofit management process. After all, nonprofits need gifts and donations to sustain them, no matter what their mission or goals might be. From Government Support Contracts to responding to Letter of Interest each is critical to your success.

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